What are Terpenes?

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Hope you’re doing well. The first in our series to bring interesting in meaningful content, in the form of marijuana knowledge, is about Terpenes.

In our attempt to distil the info that we’ve found and keep it simple we’re going to focus on two questions. What are Terpenes? and What are they good for?

So what the hell are Terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic molecules that evaporate easily and emit a pleasant and distinctive smell and are responsible for the flavorings and fragrances of cannabis.

Various researchers have emphasized the pharmacological importance of terpenes, or terpenoids, which form the basis of aromatherapy, a popular holistic healing modality.

Marijuana’s compelling fragrances and flavors are determined by the predominant terpenes in the strain.

Why do they exist?

The strong odors from the terpenes protect the plants that produce them by deterring herbivores and by attracting predators and parasites of herbivores.

Are Terpenes good for you?

Terpenoids increase blood flow, enhance cortical activity, and kill respiratory pathogens, including MRSA, the antibiotic-resistant bacteria that in recent years has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of Americans.

Terpenes “could produce synergy with respect to treatment of pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, addiction, epilepsy, cancer, fungal and bacterial infections.

The Entourage Effect

Terpenoids and flavonoids found in high-quality marijuana are believed to play a big role in boosting the therapeutic effect. This is consistent with the whole plant ideology. 


Hey, we tried to keep it simple. Hopefully, this article can be a starting point to better understanding terpenes and marijuana. Do you have any questions or anything to add?

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Holy effing Reddit!!!

Thank you Reddit community, you guys are awesome!

I noticed a 1000% spike in traffic this morning. I thought to myself, “what did I miss, what happened. Are we in trouble??” Yeah I know, it seems a bit dramatic but I knew something had happened.

Holy shit!

Ahh Reddit happened. I finally tracked it down to a couple of Reddit threads. It was pretty fun reading the comments and threads. Some hilarious and interesting conversations. And just to set anyone’s concerns at ease, the Texas Marijuana Flag stickers are coming and this is not a DEA trick. (of course that’s what the DEA would say right)

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Is Marijuana Legal in Texas?



With 24 states supporting some form of Legal Marijuana / Cannabis is it legal in Texas? Not yet but it will be… well, sort of. It’s a tiny baby step in the right direction. Teeny tiny step but it will be “legal marijuana” or to be more exact it’s CBD based medical marijuana.

On June 1, 2015, Gov. Greg Abbot signed SB 339 into law. The Texas Compassionate Use Act, intended to allow some qualifying patients to access “low-THC cannabis”. Marijuana that contains 10% or more cannabidiol (CBD) and not more than 0.5% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

The state has until September 2017 to issue at least three licenses to businesses that wish to operate. There is no limit to the number of businesses that can be licensed but intractable epilepsy is the only condition that qualifies, and the patient must be a permanent resident of Texas.


We are talking prescriptions though, not just recommendations. This seems like it could be the golden ticket to me. Allowing doctors to legally acknowledge and encourage their patients to try medical marijuana as a viable treatment is a positive step forward but there’s work to be done and education & awareness to spread.

2017 is coming. I’ll be interested to see if dispensaries can support themselves off of “low-THC” medical marijuana for only intractable epilepsy patients.

What do you think about this? Is it a positive step forward or a meaningless gesture?

– Ray

Ref: http://txmjpolicy.org/

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